Thanks for the memory

Thanks for the memory

Chatting with my son today – reflecting on how the costs of memory has dropped – over the years.

The famous – denied quote from Bill is beyond my sons mental comprehension.

“640K is more memory than anyone will ever need on a computer,”

Bill Gates denies!

My Personal Computer journey started with a Sinclair ZX80 boasting a massive 1K of RAM. My mind was then blown with the addition of a 16Kb RAM pack – that required great skill to balance the firm typing on the membrane keyboard while ensuring you did not job the RAM pack that was clipped on the back of the computer, usually resulting in the computer rebooting.

Now of a fraction of the price of the RAM pack – you can get a 128Gb memory card (shameless link to Amazon on right). Useful to stock up at (especially at this price) perfect for camera, rasberry pis and backing up your laptop.

Work wise – core memory boards in mini computers used by data entry bureau had to be signed for before we could remove them from site – as the memory state was preserved. 64Kb being more than enough memory to service over 32 data entry terminals and the associated software.


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