Sky dishes are becoming so last year

antenna contact dawn dusk
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It looks like it is all moving to broadband – Sky investing in Sky Stream and Glass – other providers never leveraged Satellite. As broadband roll out extends and increases in speed – the need for a data stream from the Sky seems to be fading. Combine that with the move away from linear viewing and the vast array of content out there it is no longer possible to beam all the content all at once.

So just as a the square antenna came and went – the same could be true for Sky dishes. (Note: Sky has reportedly renewed contracts with Satellites upto 2028). There are also reports that new dish installs may end at the end of 2023. (

This however may not be the end of the dish – with Starlink and other competitors offering it as a very attractive option for remote locations, RVs, and shipping. The networks differ from Sky – providing bi directional internet connections rather than simply receiving content.


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