Shed is to be replaced with a 3×3 Apex Cabin with double front doors and side window. Cabin roof should extend a further 3m to make a Gazebo like space for sheltered garden storage.

Rough Idea

The current shed is slightly smaller than above dimensions – and is built on an existing slab which would need to be extended in some way to support the new structure.


We are looking for a deck approx 8m x 6m to fill a sloping corner of the garden and link in a level area connecting two french windows. The ground is uneven with a slight slope covered in a combination of grass and paving.

We are keen for it to be low maintenance and interested in composite options.

We are interested to understand both the price of materials and also interested if there is an option to have the items installed.

Considering a pergola to be installed in deck to provide some shade / structure – remove / re-route pipework

Chimney Removal and change of room layout

Removal of Chimney and converting a bedroom and bathroom into a larger bedroom with en-suite.

Loft wall and stair access

Understand what options there are to access room in loft.

Front of house Window repair and lead-work

  • Repair and paint bay windows
  • Fix lead work above sash windows
  • Paint / clad barge boards
  • Garage doors

First Floor Sash Windows

Replace 1st Floor sash windows

Repair and repaint shutters / remove


Rear Windows

Replace rear windows with aluminumn windows

Extend french windows

Kitchen Roof supports and Patio extension

Replace wooden supports – consider reducing number of them RSJ?

Extend patio size

Lower existing patio to consistent hight

Make good far patio step

Provide step and path to pixie hut


Replace garage with double garage with room above

Side extension to connect dinning room to sitting room

Bathroom – tile and replace

Ensuite – tile and replace

Guest room / Master bedroom TBC