Potatoe Schiacciatta

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All about the Sides, 4 of 50. Potato Schiacciatta this is a new one on me but it’s ridiculously easy and absolutely delicious. Perhaps as the name suggests it’s an Italian dish, as ever it’s my take on it.. and apologies for the pronunciation as I’m pretty certain I got it wrong. 400g peeled and grated potato 200ml water 200ml plain/AP flour Pinch of salt and pepper 2 tbsp fresh chopped rosemary 60g Parmesan 50ml extra virgin olive oil More Parmesan, olive oil and rosemary to serve 1. Mix the potato, water, flour, salt, pepper, Parmesan, Oil and rosemary in a bowl 2. Spread thinly over a lined baking tray drizzle with more oil and Parmesan 3. Bake at 200c/400f for 35-40 mins 4. Top with sea salt, fresh rosemary, olive oil and a bit more Parmesan #series #recipes #potato #sidedish

♬ original sound – Chef Thom Bateman

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