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Why does it feel like politicians are treating us like mugs. They have a responsibility to use our money wisely and educate the population about the reasons and potential consequences of their decisions. This popularism approach is not giving the country the leadership it deserves or needs.

The two party system also feels so outdated – and PMQs are more a farce. We need and environment where long term plans can be agreed cross party and not backed out. Where important decisions are made efficiently and for the benefit of the entire population – rather than this oscillation between left and right.

The population should be able to trust and put their faith in their elected representatives.

The system is broken – but I have no faith in the ability of the current system to fix it. We also need to stop asset stripping the country – so much of our country / assets have been sold – trickle down could never work – as from what I observe most of the trickle flow is of our country.


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