Life after Facebook

Still surviving outside FaceBook - blog taken care of but keeping track of group news and peoples contact details still a challenge. Looking at data pods from TBL.

Just worked N6NFI Repeater

Enjoying a chat on the net currently on N6NFI. Not bad making it to Palo Alto from my Yaesu Handheld. Benefits of being on the 15th floor of the Hotel.…

Heading to SF

Packing for the North America leg of the @BrightTALK 2019 Tech kickoff - so rock and roll! Some very exciting developments in plan for 2019.


Hi - just seen this tool showing where twitter followers are located on the planet.!billybigpotatoe If you want to follow me via twitter - simply follow @billybigpotate

Adding parenting category – I guess I am qualified

Happy New Year

Where has the decade gone - 2019 is going to be a huge year for our family, work and the UK.