Introducing…. Instant Pot

Introducing…. Instant Pot

2 weeks with the Instant Pot and it is still not made it into the cupboard. While it has had a few challenges – it has proven better than I expected in many ways with only a couple of negatives (that we not advertised!)

On the plus side – it cooks chicken beautifully – steamed pulled chicken was delicious and also really moist. Lots of all in one pasta receipies have also proven great – not only cooking well – but minimising clean up time.

The speed is a little confusing – cooking times are very fast as expected – but you do need to allow for time to get to pressure and also the pressure release process can take up-to 20 mins (Natural pressure release) – this process is often part of the “cooking cycle” so you can not just skip it.

On the negatives – not too much to observe here – not being able to see / touch the food is one frustration – but that would apply to any pressure cooker. Timing and preasure release is critical – and I have found a need to adjust some of the times that are recommended in some of the online InstantPot recipes (of which there are many). Finally there is an alert that displays “burnt” on the display – it seems to be a common issue online – I have encountered it once – it seems to relate to the stainless steel bowl needing to remain clean – just make sure nothing sticks, especially when sautĂ©ing.

Hits so far include – roast chicken, Chinese pulled chicken and chicken and Chorizo pasta

Lots more to play with – other functions like Sous Vide and slow cook. I will report back after a month.


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