Hello Fresh vs Gousto

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We have been using both services for several years now – they have been great helping encourage our kids to cook and also providing more variety to our evening meals.

Both services allow you to pick weekly meals and have the ingredients shipped to you ready for you to cook at home. Everything is included with a few exceptions that you would expect to have e.g. sugar, salt, pepper, oil.

The boxes have a chilled area for fresh produce the ensures that the fresh produce is kept cool while being shipped to you.

There are some differences between the two that have resulted in one becoming our favourite.

FeatureGoustoHello Fresh
Instructions for recipe9/107/10
Quality of ingredients9/106/10
Missing items8/108/10
Variety of recipes8/107/10
Popularity of meals9/109/10
Transparency of recipe ingredients9/107/10
Value for money8/108/10

As you can see Gousto has nudged it for us – having simple ingredients – allowing you to re-make the recipes at home if you wish (Hello Fresh often bundle mystery spice bundles that leave you guessing e.g. add your Mexican spice mix)

That said we have enjoyed both – and still occasionally swap between the two (usually due to discounts being offered for us to return!).

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