Global supply chain still working

Just had recieved an order from China in under a week.

02/04/2020, 09:49FleetShipment delivered in good condition
02/04/2020, 08:10AltonShipment is out for delivery.
02/04/2020, 07:38AltonShipment now at depot nearest to delivery address
02/04/2020, 04:45Stansted Air HubShipment in transit
02/04/2020, 04:45Stansted Air HubShipment in transit
02/04/2020, 04:44Stansted Air HubShipment arrived at connection point
02/04/2020, 02:31Liege Euro HubShipment in transit
02/04/2020, 02:30Liege Euro HubShipment being processed at TNT location.
02/04/2020, 02:29Liege Euro HubShipment now at the depot nearest to collection address
30/03/2020, 14:15Arnhem HubShipment in transit
29/03/2020, 04:56Hong KongShipment in transit
28/03/2020, 21:04Hong KongShipment arrived at connection point
28/03/2020, 18:28ShenzhenShipment in transit
28/03/2020, 18:03ShenzhenShipment in transit
28/03/2020, 18:02Shenzhen-FutianShipment collected from collection address
Delivery Tracker

When I placed the order I had no idea it would ship from China – it was from a UK company. Was amazed when I saw the journey on the delivery tracker.


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