Ending the day as it started…

8.30pm somewhere near Clapham London. My noise cancelling headphones* drown out the murmur from the train carriage. They work so well you can not even hear the sound of the train I thought to myself. Then looking up noticed the train was not moving.

Sigh – not again the journey into work had taken nearly 4 hours. A traspasser apparently. While I sympathize with the railway – how can it be their fault if an idiot strays onto he tracks – it was the responsible thing to do to power down the tracks. However, my mind not fully content feeling they deserve empathy for my delay – if they invested more in the railway could it be made more secure? Could they have found him quicker?

While improvements to the tracks are clearly being made. Points made by staff during privatisation ring true.

Issues we live with could they be prevented? Trees on line, trees overly cleared and mud slides, less staff result in greater delays is resolving issues. We have the most expensive railways in Europe – something is not working.

HS2 ….. And then I woke up

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