Droning on about Gatwick

Tempted to phone into radio stations today – as people make crazy statements showing their lack of understanding about technology and human behaviour.

Clearly there drones should be licensees and there is more we can do to control them to ensure public safety and privacy. But these controls would not help with someone deciding to cause havoc with airports.

Aircraft modelling and drone designs have been in the public domain for years. The technology needed to build them is also available off the shelf e.g. GPS recovers, engines, batteries, propellers and flight computers can be built using free software and run using a raspberry pi.

The horse has bolted on this one – would someone who is looking to cause chaos use approved frequencies, install geo-fencing, stay within weight limits – I very much doubt it.

The government seems to always be lagging when it comes to understanding technology – and implications of it. While I sympathise that this is the first attack of its kind – this should have been considered a long time ago.

Team BlackSheeps amazing video gives stunning shorts of London landmarks – but also highlighted how exposed we are. What if the drone had carried more than a simple camera.

Yes we need rules for to keep people safe – and to keep law abiding Drone Pilots out of trouble – but regarding the illegal use of drones – e.g. carrying illegal goods, flying where the should not we need to get creative.


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