Driving in Europe

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There are a number of recent changes to be aware of before taking your car / campervan to Europe.

After a break from our visits to Europe – largely due to covid – we are planning to resume our visits.

A few things have come to my attention regarding planning our next visit

  1. Our Motorhome has got older – this can impact the cost of recovery services
  2. Emissions – our van is based on a 2007 Transit so is Euro4 compliant – however many areas now require Euro6 – https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/overseas-holidays/planning-your-route/low-emission-zones/
  3. Tolls – https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/overseas-holidays/planning-your-route/motorway-tolls-and-vignettes/
  4. Speed limits – https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/overseas-holidays/planning-your-route/european-speed-limits/
  5. High Viz, Alcohol testers, spare wheel (or equiv).

Emissions certificates are also becoming adopted in a number of countries – where you need to display your engine emission details on you windscreen (via a sticker?). Sadly at this time there is not standard so different certificate is needed for each country that requires one. While costs are low (under 10 Euros) the lead time is approx 30 days.

  • France – https://vignette-eco-critair.com/en/
  • Germany – https://urbanaccessregulations.eu/countries-mainmenu-147/germany-mainmenu-61

During the course of writing this – I also note there are some limits on weights – 3.5T seems to be a key weight – I have not clarified if this applies purely to commercial transport or if there are exceptions for leisure transport. Looks like I will need to review my plans for a 4 Ton stealth campervan.


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