Happy Christmas – we are sending out our Christmas “eCard” and donating the postage to Shelter.

What a year it has been – here is our year in pictures – our 2020 calendar – not something you will see in the shops!

Wishing everyone a merry and safe Christmas and new year. We can’t wait to meet up in 2021 once things start to return to the new normal.


All seemed normal – planes flew – we travelled and went out to shows and events. We spotted a hobbit hut.


We continued as normal – going out and enjoying each others company.

March WTF

Our Hobbit hut arrived – just in time for “Lock down” the office moved to home and we started cooking bread! We all hunkered down.


More bread – we installed Zoom and we stocked up with food. The home office evolved.


We started to get organised – the “daily activity board” went down a storm! We found the essentials – coffee beans. Comedy and theatre shows moved online. Summer arrived. More bread…


Who knew we would have a “Take That” play live in our house. The cat slept on. More bread was made and the office evolved again.


We started to to loose the plot – playing with our food, watching comedy online – my brother moved in to help steady the ship. We had our first day out – to a socially distanced West Wittering beach.


Even my brother could not save us – his offer to cook a meal was generous – but it took a week to clear the kitchen. We decided to start some garden projects – a few modifications to the shed and planning a deck. We went out to get some essentials and the cat slept on.


We “ate out to help out” – had a holiday mini break in the rather overrun Cotswolds enjoying walks in the rain. An outdoor cinema was built and our town centre closed to traffic.


Builders moved in – extending Peters room and building a pergola in the garden. Natascha worked hard extending the garden beds and moving plants around the garden.


House painted – some windows replaced – comedy continued – van broke down. Petes room completed. Boiler broke down – sigh…


Boiler replaced, afternoon tea in style – drove first electric car and started 3d printing.

And finally……

The MKR Logan Special