Water softener

It has been over 1 year of having our water softener installed. It has proven to be a great product – water feels very different when you shower and soaps lather up. Also limescale is on the decline around the house. https://www.eastmidlandswater.com/water-softener-ems15-blue-meter-controlled-eco-water-softener-ems15/424 The unit from East Midland Water was easy to install (our plumber confirmed!) …

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Investigating a new tank

Working out if switching tanks is worth the investment – kids love to take showers and I am sure there are benefits of moving from a timed to a “smart” approach. The Mixergy water tank certainly looks interesting. https://www.mixergy.co.uk/

No power this morning in Fleet

Kids have just experienced a power cut and it has freaked them out. They have made the association with heat, wifi and electricity. Mobile phones providing them a tread of salvation. One of them panned a fallback position of moving into the Campervan that has Gas and Solar options.