Camping Recipe Ideas

I am still getting my head round our migration to electricity for camping. Now we have solar and an inverter on board all stoves are being replaced by electric kettles, induction hobs and sandwich makers – with plans to investigate air fryers and electric pressure cooker.

While it is not what i associate with camping – it is satisfying to prove it is possible to exist purely from a solar power – (over the UK summer at least).

I will do some tests to compare cooking of camping recipies using an electrical approach!

It also throws up new considerations around camping equipment – what works well on gas vs electric (solar) and what works well with both.

I share my findings and am very keen to hear what you have experienced.

In my quest to get off gas completely – my next van I plan to build and I will consider a truma diesel heater combined with battery / solar – resulting in one less fuel to manage.

Batteries do continue to increase in capacity – but I am still not confident that they could heat a van – especially on the really cold days when you need it. That will be the subject of a different investigation.


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