Space X launch tonight (Take II)

Hopefully the weather will be okay today – the launch will be slightly earlier – scheduled to launch at 3.22pm EST (8.22pm UK time) on Saturday 30 May Lots of people are asking about timings for tonight's spacecraft sightings. For the UK:@Space_Station, 21:20 (look west, right of the moon)@SpaceX launch, 21:33 (watch here:, then about 21:50, it … Read more Space X launch tonight (Take II)

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A meteor the size of LA is about to hit LA. In London two friends, Gus and Talfryn, spend their last seven days avoiding the outside world (especially girlfriends!), reinventing the rules of chess, watching the Sexiest Woman on Earth, Chrissie Craven, reporting the news and fantasising about saving the world… all without leaving their … Read more Top Story