Banksy Brexit

Brexit – sadness

I am really upset that Brexit appears to be resolved via legal posturing rather than the interests of the country. If as much energy went into negotiating a solution as legal posturing we might have a good outcome. Remain or stay – the Brexit process has been very embarrassing and certainly not white I expected

Fighting the private web

With faceslap and and other networks dominating the internet – I wonder what we can do to keep the web open. (Thoughts extend to open software for government and council utilities). WordPress has an impressive imprint on the web with an impressive percentage of sites using it to power them. I wonder – how many

Ending the day as it started…

8.30pm somewhere near Clapham London. My noise cancelling headphones drown out the murmur from the train carriage. They work so well you can not even hear the sound of the train I thought to myself. Then looking up noticed the train was not moving. Sigh – not again the journey into work had taken nearly

Farewell tours….

Just booked tickets for 2 farewell tours from British icons – Ozzy (I think this is the second farewell tour I have booked for him) and Sir Ian McKellen. Compare and contrast!

Summer holiday finally booked

We will be heading to Croatia – any recommendations? Update: The Valamar island resort was amazing a great retreat away from everything. The “edutainment” was one of the highlights. Highly recommend if you want to get away from it all.